Brave New World

Since making a chance purchase of a beautiful vintage Pinnock zigzag sewing machine, I’ve been having a great time turning warp, weft and thread into items I love and am proud of…

So far – in addition to an enormous amount of pyjama pants – I have sewn three Colette Laurel dresses, four Tilly & The Buttons Miette skirts, two hooded capes, three Made By Rade Washi dresses, two By Hand London Anna Dresses and seven Elisalex dresses.  

As a general rule, I am certainly not a particularly prolific seamstress, but whenever I get a few days to myself, I do tend to lock myself away from friends and the beautiful weather to slave away at my beloved Pinnock, with my dog snoring at my side churning out pretty dresses like a sweatshop.  It’s good to have people who remind me to leave the house and see the world.

I still have many sewing lessons to learn, I am definitely still a beginner, but I am hopeful that I will be able to extend myself out of my comfort zone and take a few sewing risks now that I have this little slice of the internet to report back to.   I currently do not own a digital camera (though I do have plenty of film cameras, they are fairly useless in this application), so I am keen to learn about photography and image editing through this new endeavour.  

To date, I’ve been enjoying the online sewing community as a voyeur, however I am looking forward to the opportunity to really get involved with all the other seamstresses I admire, whose blogs I read on a regular (daily!) basis.  

Here are some highlights that I’ve been sharing via Instagram:

Image Image Image Image

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Don’t mind me while I sit here and cross my fingers and squint my eyes in terror as I hit ‘Publish Post.’