My Sewing Space

A little slow out of the gates with my second post for my new blog…   Nevermind.

I have been doing minimal sewing (though I did smash out two Victory Patterns Lola dresses over three days recently).  I could be sewing now – of course – but my laptop is keeping me warm.

I have been tidying my bachelorette pad this evening, and thought I might share with you the corner of my home which is permanently set aside for sewing and other craft-related paraphernalia.  It makes me so happy to have a place for my machines to sit permanently so they don’t get relegated to cupboards or live on my dining table.

*Apologies for the dodgy nighttime iPhone pics, I’ll get myself a digital camera soon!

I was recently gifted this completely fucking beautiful Singer 99k sewing machine (her name is Honey) from my wonderful boyfriend (thank you, RG xx), so she is now making herself at home with my Pinnock (who remains nameless, for whatever reason).  I have a mini project in the planning to put my darling new Honey through her paces…  I am looking at you, Darcy Boxers.

Sources for a few things floating around – Red Tractor Designs Sewing Story greeting card, 2DirtyNeedles cross stitch pattern, the ‘See You Next Tuesday’ (geddit?) cross stitch pattern was a gift (thank you, Sarah!) by stephXstitch on Etsy, the little hanging jars contain my pattern weights and the anodised aluminium apple ice bucket is one of my favourite clearing sale bargains from years ago.

So, if you’re looking for me on any given weekend, you might find me holed up in here. 

Also, Hi Mum!! x


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