About Me

First of all, thanks so much for stopping by…  Let’s get to know each other – here’s a little about me to get started. I am a thirty-something year old lady, living in Canberra with my darling dog, a nine year old staffy named Loki.  I am a self-confessed craft nerd – I cannot help myself, I just like to create things…  I like to sew, cross-stitch and pretty much any other kind of crafty endeavour that I stumble across on Pinterest. My goal for this blog is to use it to advance my sewing skills – wait a second, that doesn’t sound right – I know that talking/writing about sewing isn’t going to magically make me a better seamstress, but if I can feel accountable about the type/quality of garments that I am exhibiting on my blog, hopefully that will push me to extend myself skills [and my wardrobe – bonus!].


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